Red Quartz Crystal 34X2

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Red Quartz Crystals are Quartz that contain uniform coatings of ( Red ) Iron Oxides and in most cases that mineral is Hematite. Hematite and Quartz are both abundant in nature but the combination of both is quite rare. This crystal weighs approximately 34 grams with dimensions of 37mm tall, 24mm deep, and 36mm wide. This Red Phantom Quartz is from the mines of Brazil the quartz and has a Mohs Hardness of 7. Check the Description below for Spiritual and Healing Qualities.

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Spiritually: The Red inclusions which is Hematite will benefit one with a grounding sense. This inner focus can clear confusion and assist in bringing dreams and aspirations to fruition. Red Quartz tends to clarify the mind, boost self esteem and confidence, thus helping one navigate through difficult situations. Red Quartz Crystals are recommended for use with the First or Root Chakra. The effects of Crystal can be used on all astrological signs but are highly recommended for Scorpio.

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